09/26/14, Contraception Bayer Supports World Contraception Day to Help Young People Build Awareness for Contraception “Framework for Action” plan calls for empowerment of young people through better access, information and education / International survey reveals that 43.8% of young people report having sex with a new partner without using contraception more

A Call for Action Against Unplanned Pregnancies

September 26, 2014: Today is World Contraception Day!
Today, on September 26, is World Contraception Day! To mark the occasion, the WCD Coalition of eleven non-governmental and governmental organizations as well as scientific and medical societies published a joint “Framework for Action”. more

TB Alliance presents the results of the ReMoxTB study

Since 2008, Global Alliance for TB Drug Development – in short: TB Alliance – has been studying a new combination of active substances for the treatment of tuberculosis


EU verification logo for reputable online pharmacies

From July the European Commission is introducing a Europe-wide logo to help customers identify legitimate internet providers. more

Bayer Clinical Trials

Information about Bayer sponsored clinical studies is available at


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